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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Holistic Living Expo

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Newport Beach this Sunday, April 1st 

Hyatt Regency in the Plaza Ballroom

1107 Jamboree Rd. Newport Beach, CA 92660       

Free Presentations 
Plaza Room III
10:30 am
Natural Weight Loss
with Health Benefits

with Jeff & Ellen Sabino Learn about a detox, weight loss & rejuvenation program using homeopathics and nutritional therapy to create optimal health by detoxifying & balancing the hypothalamus. Typically, people lose around a pound a day & look 5 to 20 years younger.
11:00 am
The Akashic Records 
and Healing
with Annie Radzus 
Look at your Divine BluePrint. Understand where the blocks are & what patterns you are running in your energy. It is possible to clear & release emotional patterns that have held you back, bring them to resolution, & move forward to experience your highest potential in this life.
11:30 am
2012 Predictions & Afterlife Messages from Loved Ones
with Darshini 
1) Highly Powerful & Potent Visualization Exercise to change your mental attitude/ mindset to create more in your life!  
2) 2012 
- What Sign’s/Predictions have manifested already & what is to come!
3) Accurate Medium Readings for Audience
12:00 pm
Why are You not Living
the Life of your Dreams?

with Sherry Hopson 
Are you frustrated that you are not manifesting your goals, your dreams, your aspirations? Find out why The Secret has not worked for you, and the missing pieces of the puzzle that will help you get what you
12:30 pm
Crowd Funding
with Aggie Kobrin 
Learn how to succeed with crowdfunding. If you have a good idea or product but need to raise money, you'll want to learn about a new and exciting way to get the money you need. With crowdfunding and the participation of family, friends and plenty of strangers, your idea or product can become a reality.

2:00 pm
Who are you Being? . . .
Not What are you Doing! 
with Brad & Kasey Wallis 
Kasey and Brad Wallis will speak to you about your beingness here on this Earthly realm. They channel high light entities and have conversation with the audience answering questions from the audience. Join them for this unique experience.
4:00 pm
Open to your Intuition, Inner Wisdom & Living in the Now
with Stacey Hentschel 
Connect with your inner wisdom. Learn to sense, listen & feel your Intuition. Gain greater clarity, & make better decisions. Learn to center yourself, tune into your inner strength, and find the serenity and inner peace that you deserve.
4:30 pm
Guaranteed Relief from
the Discomfort of Anxiety

with Dominic Desandro 
A blessed serendipity!!  Double-blind clinical studies, & recent Harvard research, support an amazing revelation of how a completely natural "extracted biologic fluid", first developed to treat cancer, is proven to have profound, immediate mental/emotional benefits.

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Regular Admission $10,
Seniors/Teens $5

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This email was originally sent to: Hanna  Kim     

From I-5 or I-405, exit Jamboree Rd. Go south toward the ocean, 5 miles past I-405, just before you get to Pacific Coast Highway. Hotel is on the right at 1107 Jamboree Rd. 
Parking -
 We’re in the Plaza Ballroom in the building closest to the entrance on Jamboree. Discounted Parking ($4) available at registration, or Free Parking on Back Bay Dr, on the west side of the hotel property. 
Free Presentations 
I am partnering with Hanna Kim, Joya Comeaux and California Women's Conference to cross-promote our events and businesses. Collaborate to create win-win.

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P.S. Many women feel guilty or selfish when I advise some "me" time because they are not used to putting themselves first. We are natural caregivers and often get stressed out trying to take care of business and others in our families. When do we find time to recharge? My episode, "Destressing for Busy Women" will begin "Airing" on Friday April 13th at 3:00AM EDT at 
Ingrid Cheng

Writer, Health Advocate

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