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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Prayer Breakfast

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I Believe!

I attended The L.A. Mayor's Prayer Breakfast today because I wanted to know what the leaders of my community are thinking and doing. Here's a recap of what I've learned.

"You are the light of the world. Let your light shine that they may see your good deeds." Lee Baca, Sheriff of L.A said. "What is our mission? It's to create peace and prosperity. Be a model for integrity of leadership. Let us have more collaboration and gratitude." Another speaker said. "Educate the children, respect our elders." 

"We are part of a team. Let there be unity and wisdom."
"We ask for open hearts so that we may learn to love, forgive and trust each other."
"Celebrate the spirit that binds us together and moves us."
"Do more to welcome immigrants. Include them."
"Love, openness and opportunity."
"Ask the right question. The Good Samaritan stopped to help because he asked the right question. "If I don't stop to help this person, what will happen to him?"
I was moved, touched and inspired by the keynote speaker Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder of Joni and Friends. She shared this personal story of faith, prayer and persistence with us this morning. "Government can only do so much when it involves changing a city or nation. Only God (Love) can change hearts. This is an Olympic year. 28 years ago, L.A hosted the Summer Olympics. I wanted to see a torch runner, but my husband said that wasn't going to happen. I kept praying about it and following the news. I learned that the runner would be at the heart of Little Tokyo close to a favorite restaurant that my husband was planning to eat at and asked him to drive there early so I could see the runner. By the time we got to the restaurant the runner was long gone. Though I missed seeing the torch runner, I kept praying. On the way back home, there was sudden traffic on the freeway. There was a million to one chance to see the runner 6 hours later at Sepulveda Boulevard at that stretch of the freeway, but as our car pulled up to the runner, I cheered him on. We got to be his pace car!" Joni spoke of battles won and wars waged before you open your eyes, when you wake up every day. As a quadriplegic for 45 years, there are many days she didn't want to open her eyes and deal with her life. Yet, she prayed for a good attitude, a smile and strength. Joni challenged my limited beliefs about what I can do to make a difference with my family. I'm creating the possibility of being like her.

Ingrid Cheng
Writer, Activist, Yoga Teacher.

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