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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fair Trade

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Fair Trade & Yoga 

April 20-21, 2012  LaPaz Peacemaking and Justice Summit, Pasadena  ( 
April 21, 2012 10am-3pm  Earth Day booth Claremont Village with Interfaith Sustainability
April 21, 2012 9am-2pm 2012 Student Fashion Symposium, Los Angeles.  CA Market Center, 110 E. 9th.

Hope that you can make the events in support. Don't forget to LIKE FairTrade LA on Facebook - - and follow @FairTradeLA on Twitter

Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Muhammad Yunus' revolutionary micro financing breakthrough, Yoga Gives Back supports micro credit programs in India which lend small loans to women in particular, who have no access to capital. Additionally, we developed "Sister Aid" programs where YGB directly funds education, vocational training and micro credit programs for struggling mothers, girls and orphans. Women are the best poverty fighters—the most effective return on investment for development dollars is an investment in women. With $25 a month, mothers can start their own businesses; girls and orphans can go to school.

P.S. I am partnering with Hanna Kim, Joya Comeaux and California Women's Conference to cross-promote our events and businesses. Collaborate to create win-win.

Join the Inspiring Women Summit:

Make money and make a difference with Suzanne Evans.

Mother's Day Divine Feminine Retreat in Sedona, AZ. May 11-14. We have created the most sacred, divine and creative experience for All Goddess Wisdom and Women to connect with each other and the magic of Sedona. A modern, busy lifestyle has 90% of women stressed out and fall into unhealthy habits because they don't have time or money to be healthy.  As a result, 70% of adults are overweight or obese and ill due to stress. It's time to take back control of our bodies and our health. To find out more, contact me ASAP!

P.S. Many women feel guilty or selfish when I advise some "me" time because they are not used to putting themselves first. We are natural caregivers and often get stressed out trying to take care of business and others in our families. When do we find time to recharge? My episode, "Destressing for Busy Women" will begin "Airing" on Friday April 13th at 12 AM PDT/ 3 AM EDT at 
Ingrid Cheng
Writer,  Women's Advocate

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