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Friday, March 16, 2012


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Enviu: Innovators in sustainability is planning to start a pilot to support a select number of people with WOW! ideas.

Apply with your ideas and plans and get in contact with us by filling in the form below! We have a team of professional business developers and network available to support you to bring it to the next level.

Criteria for Enviu Ideas
Enviu is continuously looking for innovative solutions for the major sustainability problems, if your idea fulfills our criteria we would be happy to discuss it with you and look for collaboration opportunities, so your Wow! Idea becomes a reality, just like the Sustainable Dance Club, or the Hybrid Tuk Tuk.

Before sending us your idea, we would appreciate when you check the described criteria below, and benchmark your idea against it. Enviu only supports ideas that are a solution to major sustainability issues, those have a business case, are scalable, and serve an inspiration for others;
  • Sustainability solution: how does your idea help to solve a specific sustainability problem (environmental, social, or both)? Do you have any (quantitative) indication of how big the problem is? How much would your idea contribute to reduce it?
  • Business case: how can your idea be financed? Does the idea involve the development of a revenue model? What kind of products and services are you aiming to provide?
  • Scalability: Wow! Ideas can be replicated, expanding the potential to improve our current environment. Is your idea scalable, can it be implemented in different contexts, and still deliver the same results?
  • Inspiration: is your idea so good that other people will jump in as soon as they know about it? How would you involve other people in the development of your idea?

Ingrid Cheng

Writer, Activist, Visionary

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