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Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Food

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Eat Fresh Produce!

A Good Food Economy in L.A is a part of the economy of a country at peace with its neighbors and its environment - the air, the land, the water and the creatures living in, on and under it. It is the local embodiment of a regional, national and international economy in which people have useful work to do at fair wages, affordable access to housing, health care, education and a secure retirement. A Good Food Economy will:
  • Deliver to every single resident of Los Angeles enough Good Food to ensure them a healthy, vigorous, and satisfying life.
  • Help produce useful work at fair wages for residents of Los Angeles and the entire Southern California region.
  • Enable the residents of the city and the surrounding region to control decisions about how and what food is made available to them.
  • Prevent those decisions from being made in far-away places by individuals remote from the life of the residents.
  • Be a sustainable, self-reliant, localized economy owned and operated largely by residents of Los Angeles.
  • Produce health, wealth and justice, by, for and under the capable, practiced control of, all of the residents of Los Angeles and the entire Southern California region.
The Education & Outreach Working Group is focused on raising public awareness about Good Food issues.  Our projects include launching a website to serve as a Good Food information hub, hosting a Good Food for All Speaker Series, and working on other outreach initiatives. Good food educational efforts must encompass people from all age groups, communities and professions.  Children can learn about where their food comes from and how to eat healthfully.  Adults, business owners, community leaders and policy makers can be educated on the many issues that encompass the Good Food movement, and how they can support good food options at home and in the workplace.

Its Goals Include:
  • Coordinating activities in Los Angeles for national Food Day (held annually on October 24th), in partnership with RENEW LA.
  • Organizing Good Food Day LA for spring 2012, in partnership with the Office of Mayor Villaraigosa.
  • Establishing Good Food for All Speaker Series, in partnership with the California Endowment.
  • Advising and assist the L.A Food Policy Council with educational content for its website and social media strategy.
I believe in and support the Good Food movement. Please comment, join us and share the benefits of Good Food on March 31!

P.S. 80% of adults will suffer back pain at some point in their lives, spend an average of $6,100 on medical care each year. I am partnering with Hanna Kim at Sae Arc to cross-market our businesses. I have a health blog. My mission is to be a health/ wellness referral service and resource for L.A. County.

Ingrid Cheng
Writer, Health Advocate

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