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Thursday, July 28, 2011

When You Eat Affects Your Sleep

According to Dr. Daemon Jones, when you eat can affect your ability to have a good night’s sleep. Difficulty in sleeping is related to many factors including mental stresses like anxiety and depression, daily habits/ behaviors, hormonal levels, medications and food choices. If you're struggling with sleeping problem or insomnia, it is important to speak to your physician to get help addressing the causes of the problem. Insomnia is defined as a disorder that makes it hard to fall asleep/ stay asleep or both.

When you eat food can impact your ability to enjoy sleep appropriately. Ideally, Dr. Jones recommends that people eat 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep to give their bodies time to process and digest the food. If you eat 3 hours or less before going to sleep, this prevents the relaxation of the body for sleep because you activate your digestive system to begin to process the food. I agree that it's healthier to stop eating 3 hours before bedtime, but sometimes, I crave something sweet. Then my choice would be an apple or a small serving of Ciao Bella Gelato or the Blood Orange Sorbet with 60 cal, 16 g of sugar and no fat per 1/2 cup of serving. It's made with natural ingredients like organic cane juice, blood orange juice and lemon juice.

Then I stay up a bit later to play with my dog Sparky or read a book. According to researchers at the University of Maryland, people who read often are happier than those who watch TV - even if the plot of the book is depressing.

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