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Friday, July 29, 2011

Farmers Classic and Fit-Twist Yoga

I was at the Farmers Classic today with my dog Sparky and my camera. It was a rushed job because I didn't know about this big event until yesterday, so I quickly applied for a media pass and got it this morning. Had to pay $11 for parking at UCLA then couldn't find the place where I should pick up my pass. They didn't allow the Sparky into the tennis area, saying that dogs will bark. I assured them that my dog Sparky is very well-behaved and wouldn't make a noise, but I had to leave her for a short time to take photos of the event.

I liked the short bit of tennis match that I saw and the vendors at Farmers Classic but didn't have time to browse around since Sparky was waiting for me in a shady spot. I was part of the Wilson Tennis Guinness Book of World Records attempt for the "Most people to bounce a tennis ball on their racquet in one location." See me on YouTube.

I posted photos on Flickr and I'm excited about my Fit-Twist Yoga class in Brentwood every week. Sign up now by going to the Contact Us page. Class will be cancelled unless 3 or more persons RSVP.

Health = Wealth

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