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Friday, July 7, 2017

Healthy Lifestyle in Brentwood and Beyond

Farmers Market

I love Brentwood because I can walk to my bank, the grocery stores, the library and the Farmers Market. After I graduated from U.C. Riverside with a Business Administration degree, I worked for Dun and Bradstreet in Hong Kong for a year but decided that I like living in California. I resigned from a good job to return to the U.S with no job prospects, knowing that I'd be able to have a healthy lifestyle and make a living. At that time my sister got accepted to U.C.L.A and my parents decided to buy a home in L.A. My mom came back with me and we proceeded to go house hunting. We chose Brentwood because of its proximity to U.C.L.A, the beach and the freeways. I found a job near L.A.X and settled down to life. Though I have changed addresses, careers and jobs several times, I always come back to this neighborhood. 

I recently came across this Puppy Spot graphic which inspired me to share some tips about
getting fit with dogs. Check out the graphic. I often walk with my dog Sparky to the grocery store and the library. I adopted Sparky from the West L.A Animal Shelter and urge animal lovers to adopt. Sparky is my exercise buddy. We even did yoga together - it's called Doga. It builds a stronger bond between dogs and their "pack" people. I am a proud doggy mom. Parking and traffic has gotten so bad that there are valet services at most restaurants. Another reason why I like to walk. I love the Farmers Market and go almost every Sunday. I always find something new there. I also prefer fresh, organic produce and talking to the vendors.

Join me on a walk to the Farmers Market this Sunday.

Ingrid Cheng

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