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Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Day Relief

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Free Advice

April 2012 is Stress Awareness Month. "Financial stress is widespread and growing. Money worries are a leading cause of stress in Americans."  stated.

I'm sharing some free advice that will reduce financial stress as many people are worried about money, taxes, etc.

1) PAY YOURSELF FIRST - According to a new Fidelity Research Report, the number one goal of American's is to double their savings in 2012.

2) MAKE YOUR FINANCES "AUTOMATIC" - Use technology to your advantage when it comes to your finances. The best part about automating your financial life is that it can be done in less than an hour and it will save you time and money for years to come!  

3)  TRACK WHERE THE MONEY GOES - The best way to improve your financial other than paying yourself first, is to track where your money is actually going. Check out sites, or Yodlee Money Center 

4) CLEAN IT OUT AND SELL IT - Clean out everything that you don't need and then sell it or give it away. Another reason to do Spring cleaning. Look up companies in your area that will come photograph and sell your unwanted items for you, saving you time and making you money. 

5) GIVE SOMETHING UP - One of the fastest ways to cut your expenses is to pick ONE thing and give it up. We all hate to do it at first, but once we make the change we usually find out it's not the end of the world and can be completely worth the savings.  What are you paying for each year that you truly could try and live without? Is it your premium cable? (Premium gas for your car? Regular car washes?) Giving up "one thing" can completely change your financial life. Then these savings could be used to pay down your debt, save for retirement, etc... 

David Bach,

P.S. Exercise also helps improve your mood and reduce stress!

Ingrid Cheng
Health = Wealth

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