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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gratitude Challenge

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I started the 21-day Gratitude Challenge because I realized that being thankful is a key to being happy. I’ve made a gratitude list on and off, but haven’t been consistent. That’s why I created a challenge for myself. To make it easy, I only list 3 things that I’m grateful for each day and post them on Twitter @fitnesswla. I plan to have fun with this. Recently, I went to a workshop and learned the Five Tools of Empowerment from Joan Moran, Author, Speaker and Blogger.

1. An attitude of gratitude
2. Be vulnerable and open myself up emotionally
3. Learn to adapt and look for the good
4. Continue to find my passion and live it
5. Forgive and let go in order to move forward

I agree that aging is an attitude and not a chronological number. It is the grace of knowing yourself. It is a magical gift, a tangible asset because it gives you experience or wisdom. Instead of avoiding, denying or fearing this natural process, we need to accept and embrace it. I also believe that resistance is the most toxic force, the root of more unhappiness than disease or poverty. Resistance causes us to be less than what we’re born to be, to lose our spirit and make excuses. Life is action. When we resist something, we block the entire experience or the opportunity to grow and we not really present. Choose to accept life as it is and do the most important work every day when you wake up. Do what brings you joy now.

What are you grateful for? Make a list now

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Ingrid Cheng

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