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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feel Better

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I am excited about look good feel better® Week and their new Social Support Network.
"At look good feel better® we’ve made it our mission to help improve the quality of life and self-confidence for women with cancer by addressing hair loss, skin changes and other appearance-related side effects of their treatment. Today, we help 50,000 women a year here in the U.S.  Our goal during look good feel better® Week is to match that number; generating at least 50,000 views of our new video PSA by this Friday. We want every woman with cancer to know about this free, life-changing program, but can’t generate that kind of awareness alone, so we’re asking you to help by joining look good feel better® Social Support Network. 
Signing up allows you exclusive access – via email, Skype or whatever works best for you - to our program participants.  A select number of influencers will have an opportunity to learn first-hand about the life changing work that look good feel better® does each day and provide great content for you to share with your audience. Our program page also includes compelling assets for you to feature on your blog, share, or tweet to your audience. All you have to do is click here to go to the program page where you can find our new PSA, infographic and results of a new national survey. With your support, each social action brings us one step closer to generating 50,000 views of our PSA by Friday!  Just click  take me to this program
Thank you for your help!"  

The look good feel better® team
P.S. May 6 is World Laughter Day. Join us at the beach for a fun, free Laughter Yoga celebration. You don't need to know yoga to have fun & laugh. RSVP at 
Ingrid Cheng

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