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Friday, April 13, 2012

Food Day

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I am excited about Food Day 2012. Join me next week for a week of healthy and tasty meatless lunches to celebrate Earth Day! In its second year, Food Day (October 24) is a nationwide celebration of healthy, sustainable food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies.  Food Day 2012 will be just 13 days before the 2012 elections, so it will be a great opportunity for citizens to make their voices heard on the critical food policy issues facing the country. Food Day will see 60 organizations hosting events in L.A and more organizations hosting thousands of events all over the country in schools, homes, farms, fairgrounds, city halls, and state capitals—all aimed at celebrating the things about our food system that are working, and fixing the many things that aren’t.

Please watch this very short video introduction to Food Day, and LIKE it on YouTube and SHARE it on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also help show your support by ‘liking’ Food Day and CSPI on Facebook and by using the #FoodDay hashtag when you talk about your Food Day plans on Twitter pages.
Food Day may be more than six months away, but it makes sense to start thinking now about how you will celebrate it.  Visit for brochures, recipes, curricula, and other materials that we hope will inspire you to get involved with the growing movement that’s changing the way America eats. "It's time to eat real. Celebrate food that's healthy, sustainable, affordable and fair."

P.S. Free Green Workshops at Sustainable Works. RSVP at
$5 Challenge Healthy Meal video at
Green Living Shopping/Food Demonstration video at
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Ingrid Cheng
Writer, Health Advocate

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