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Friday, December 2, 2011

Yoga for Energy

#Anti-aging Secret
Our combined age is over 100 years old, but everyone thinks that we look younger than our real ages. Our secret is yoga. Kim Selbert is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and I am a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher. We used to co-lead a weekly Laughter and Yoga Class in Venice, but due to low attendance, we decided to stop. I just read this article about yoga as an energy source and want to share it with you.

(Yoga) Working out boosts energy, but if you don't have the energy to start moving in the first place, how do you break the cycle?

First of all, keep it simple. Create a workout routine that balances higher-intensity exercises with more moderate, restorative moves. Yoga and Pilates offer gentle yet effective techniques for staying fit without feeling depleted afterward.

Go long, go slow, and have FUN. Don't discount the power of long/slow training. I've been an advocate for this type of gently-paced exercise. 

Recharge & Rejuvenate. Getting back to that Energizer Bunny idea, if you need to recharge your battery, you've got to plug into the ultimate energy source ... sleep.  

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