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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Purpose

#Dream Big

Define your purpose.  I want to empower people to be healthy inside out. With my company Fit-Twist and my upcoming book, I will be able to help people meet both their life goals. My brand is about overall health and happiness and I plan to add new vehicles such as an e-mail newsletter, teleseminars, webinars and be on a radio show to extend my message.
Get a mentor. Having a mentor can save you a lot of time and accelerate your success.
Find meaning in setbacks. What some think of as failures  are just opportunities that allow you to improve and grow. Learn from your mistakes. 
Stop selling yourself short. Believe in yourself, go after your dreams with passion and persistence. You need to work through your dysfunctional issues with a coach like Karen Lee, Capture Your Dreams Coaching  in order to achieve your goals. A lot of people have old family dynamics, or issues such as being bullied as a child, that carry over into adulthood and really inhibit their ability to progress. You can't make good business decisions if they're based in fear.
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