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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let's Move Update

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The fitness movement is sweeping across the nation once again with support from the White House. American Volkssport Association is America’s premier non-competitive sports organization, which represents about 100,000 volkssporters who believe in healthy living through exercise.  We have a grassroots network of more than 280 clubs that conduct and organize about 3,000 walking events in the 50 states each year.  Our organization is located just outside of San Antonio, Texas.

AVA events bring together walkers of all levels who want to improve their physical and mental health through low-stress activity. (Let's Move California currently does not have) walking on its list of physical hands-on sports activities, there may be an opportunity for our organization to assist exercise programs across the country. Is there a contact e-mail/phone number for someone coordinating this movement from the national level?

Thanks in advance for your  assistance and good luck with your June 16th Fitness Feria.

Chuck Blische
Director of Marketing and Publicity                                                                      
American Volkssport Association (AVA)
America’s Premier Noncompetitive Sports Organization

Ingrid Cheng @fitnesswla
Health Advocate

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