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Saturday, July 16, 2016

IDEA World Fitness Expo & Jillian Michaels

I went to IDEA World Fitness Expo early in the morning today to join the Pilates Workshop presented by Kim Kraushar & learned some new moves. After that, I walked from Marriott Hotel to the L.A Convention Center to check out the Expo. As part of the Blog Fest, I got a great swag bag & loved all the samples. I think it was the best fitness expo I've ever been to. The only thing I don't like is that the workshops I signed up for were all at Marriott & not at the Convention Center. So, it was impossible to get to some of the Showcases from the Expo with the time that I had allotted. Some things that I really love are:

Sweet Earth Natural Food's Curry Tiger Burrito with 19g of protein
Carrot Ginger soup @Soupure
Arctic Zero Brownie Blast
Free massage
Free InBalance 300 Body Analysis - my overall score is 86/100 so there's room for improvement Sweat Pink community Q&A session

I love the Light the Fire Vinaysa Flow Yoga Workshop led by Kimberly Spreen. She was the best yoga teacher I've ever had because she made it easy for the class to connect with our true self where the love & passion lies by reminding us that we are beautiful and worthy just by being alive. She urged us to chip away at the walls that we built to protect ourselves so we can let our light & love shine. I came away from the class with renewed commitment to evolve and be my best self. I am not letting doubts & fears get in the way of my dreams. I believe that my mission on this earth is to be a Brand Ambassador & Blogger. For a while, I gave up on that dream or put it on hold. The time has come to realize my mission & purpose.

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