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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beauty, Hydration & Health

70% of our bodies is water. We are what we eat and drink yet *75% Americans are dehydrated. All of us want to be healthy and when you take care of yourself through good habits, you look and feel good.  I am passionate about hydration. I always have a glass bottle filled with water close at hand or when I'm out and about, I bring a metal one (in case I drop it so it won't break). Many people mistake thirst for hunger and reach out for junk food to fill their need. My mission is to empower you to get the best filtered water, the best beauty tips and the best fitness advice to be healthy inside out. I've been in the health and wellness field since 2007 when I got really sick (bronchitis) but didn't have health insurance. I tried many natural remedies to no avail. No Obamacare back then, so I tried to go to a community clinic, but they were filled with people who were much sicker. So, I paid $100 to visit a doctor and get antibiotics. I got better in a few days. After that, I resolved to take back my health and got certified as a yoga teacher. Then, I started a Yoga Meetup and did some fun, healthy events. It grew to a Healthy Networking Club with 50+ active members. I also started to blog about health and wellness. I tried many "healthy" products, some good and some bad. I looked into alkaline water, Britta and Zero filters. I even tried charcoal filters. I tried many beauty products and even partnered with a company that makes "natural" products. I continued to teach yoga and blog. Then, my dad got sick and I took time off to help care for him. That hurt my business and I had to get a "job" to pay the bills. Even with a full-time "job", I didn't neglect my healthy routine of hydration, nutrition and exercise. I don't believe in diets, juice cleanses or any new fads that promise rapid weight loss. Being healthy and strong is a lifelong process. There is no quick fix.

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