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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It's Cold Season

To prevent from catching a cold

1. Wash your hands before eating
2. Use hand santizer if you need to
3. Drink lots of fluids
4. Get enough sleep
5. Keep from overdoing it
6. Take vitamin C and zinc
7. If you feel sick, take a day off work to rest

I got a cold on Sunday 11/30 but I still went to work the next day. I already scheduled for a 5-day vacation and didn't want to appear "lazy". I toughed it out for the week, thinking I could rest & get better on the weekend. My cough was mostly at night, but it woke me up at around 3 am each night. I took OTC medicine but it only worked for a few hours. Finally, I had to see a doctor on Monday 12/7. However, my doctor wasn't in office until Wednesday 12/9. She gave me a cough medicine with codeine and antibiotics if I needed them. Luckily, the medicine worked & I got the much needed sleep.

I learned a lesson the hard way. Hope you'll be smart and take a sick day if you need it.
Have a happy and healthy holidays.


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