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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I Love Go Greek Yogurt

My own version of yogurt breakfast

I was in Beverly Hills on Monday and found the best frozen yogurt in L.A. I had the honey flavored yogurt and fell in love. I can't wait until Go Greek Yogurt open a store in West L.A, maybe on Sawtelle (food street).

I love that they believe in a healthy lifestyle

Eat Smaller Meals - Over eating breaks down the system requiring your internal machine to work much harder causing many of the ailments Americans endure. LESS is MORE!

Drink water: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Most cravings and feelings of hunger are actually dehydration.

Breathe deeply: A proper breath should start from the depth of your stomach, not your chest. (I practice deep breathing in yoga).

Move around: Any movement you can make during the day is beneficial to your well being. (I walk every day and do 15-20 min of yoga in the morning).

* Focus on the positive and be grateful for everything you have and ENJOY life!

Ingrid Cheng

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