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Monday, August 13, 2012

Office Challenge

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Lets Move! West LA Office Challenge encourages teamwork & workplace wellness. Enjoy zumba, kickboxing, yoga, etc. Family members welcome to join in & snacks will be provided. Join this fun fitness event on Sunday 8/19. 10 am - 12 pm at Stoner Park.

Zumba with Victoria Genisce - 'Every class is like a party! I've been active in sports & dancing since age nine. Dance is my biggest passion. I've studied jazz - modern - hip hop - bellydance - latin & ballroom forms.  I'm always energized to move & inspire others to assist them in achieving their Fitness Lifestylegoals.' Victoria is trained & licensed by Zumba (including Zumba Aqua) at the highest levels. She helps classes impress themselves! 

Kickboxing with Dion Jackson - A man born to inspire others, Dion has coached & trained MegaStars Jennifer Lopez - Al Pacino - Jim Carey - Aaliyah & others. His philosophy about good health, 'a lot of people think it means being super buff or super strong. But good health is applicable to things you do in everyday living! It might be your ability to play with your children or pick them up. It could be as simple as being able to walk around your block or carry your luggage.'
Yoga with Ingrid Cheng 
Yoga has more than 5,000 yrs of history & today 11+ million Americans enjoy its health benefits in ways they never expected.  In one study participants realized 35% improvement in flexibility after just 8 wks of yoga. Yoga increases energy & reduces stress. It is a definite process of self-discovery + empowerment.
Optional: Therapeutic Massage by Mar Vista Health Center
Flower Therapy + Tea Ceremony by The MOA Wellness Center - promotes art, culture & wellness.
Ingrid Cheng @fitnesswla
Founder of Fit-Twist

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