Monday, October 2, 2017

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I am excited to be part of Bridging the Gap and in my hurry I thought that Cheryl Hunter was my new partner, but found out that Daisy Teh is my actual partner. Daisy is a Filipina-American entrepreneur and I like her beauty/ style advice for moms at The It Mom.  She went through a "roller coaster" of life between ages of 18-25. As a divorced teen mom, she was a "hot mess", she focused on providing for her kids and let herself go. Both of us are Asian-Americans and though I am not a mom, I can relate to women with children because I used to be a 3rd grade teacher. The biggest challenge that Daisy faced as a mom of four kids was the ability to take care of herself because who has the time? She certainly didn't nor did she have anyone to show her how. Daisy found "everything" in magazines or through social networks, but it was hard to find. She wanted to "cut to the chase" and back up the information with "real people who experienced it themselves". Daisy launched her blog to help moms "easily look good" in every day life. Check out her site:
I know from my own experience as a teacher that educators feel the same way. I used to put my students first and myself last. I got sick a lot due to lack of sleep and stress. One winter, I got bronchitis and had to take sick leave. I lost a lot of weight, I looked and felt terrible. During my illness, I had time to ask myself if teaching was what I really wanted to do. I realized that it didn't fulfill my creative spirit. I read lots of books about health and wellness in an effort to help myself get better. I was sick of being sick and dedicated myself to be healthy. I quit teaching and began my journey into yoga. I was not a good yoga student. I was not flexible or coordinated. I was a mess, but yoga drew me back to the mat again and again. Each time, I gain more balance, flexibility and competence. I am so grateful for all the doors that yoga opened in my life. That's why I am writing The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga.

I love Cheryl's story. She is an author, coach and resilience expert. I love her TEDx Talk about growing up in a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere. She loved it, but she had to get out to experience culture, to meet people. The city was calling her name. Cheryl hopped on a mini bike and rode to Colorado City, got a fashion magazine and realized she wanted to be a model. She got a friend to fly to Europe with her, but no sooner did she get to France when a guy with a camera asked her if she wanted to be a model. Her friend said no way, but she ditched her and went with the guy. Cheryl's story of being drugged, raped, "ruined" did not keep her from becoming a model. I am following her @huntercheryl and learning more about her at

I stepped way out of my comfort zone to attend a crowdfunding workshop. I learned a lot and connected to dreamers: Terri Hardin, Disney Imagineer and Andy Erikson, comedian, writer and unicorn. I realized that we are a rare breed. The world needs people like us who create and dream. Yoga and coaching changed my life. I'm doing what I love and living my dream every day. Celebrate good food at My dream is to "be the change I wish to see in the world". What's your dream?

10/17 Launch of 
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